Graveyard BBQ

“Creamskull Boogiez” E.P

AUGUST 11, 2015

“Creamskull Boogiez” (the “Booze” themed concept release of the “Sex, Booze, & RockNRoll” Graveyard BBQ E.P Series) is NOW AVAILABLE at a Rager near You!!! Party Anthems are as follows……..

  1. Creamskull Boogie
  2. Beer Drinkers & Hellraisers (ZZ Top – Cover featuring; Big Frank of Genghis Con-Job)
  3. Hellride
  4. King of Hessia (L.I.V.I.N)
  5. Rebel Song
  6. Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf- Cover)

2Absolute FINAL Creamskull FRONT COVER1  CREAMSKULL BOOGIEZ Back Cover Final1