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  (“What ya gotta understand the most, is the STORY behind “The Clothes That Makes The Man”   -The Book of BBQ: Volume 2, Anthem 1, Verse 1)


GRAVEYARD BBQ is a “DIRTCORE” band created and formed by BBQ Head-Rustler & Sole Songwriter / The “King of Sling”, Brownbag Johnson along with 3 hometown friends (Reverand Brixx (Vox), Bud Black (Thunder), and Peterbilt Wilson (Skins)) from Waltham, MA. The seed of Fire was Born in the Summer of 2003 when as Legend has it…. The Original 4 claim to have “sold their souls” at The Crossroads in return for SEX, BOOZE, n ROCKnROLL!!!


(“Blessed is he, who BBQ!”  -The Book of BBQ: Volume 1, Anthem 2, Verse 1)   

Cheat on the Church:

They named their 1st record, “Greatest Hits Volume 1” (2005). Shortly after it’s release… the band received their 1st Big Break by winning the “Be a Guitar Hero” national contest to have their un-holy, hellraisin’ song “Cheat on the Church” to be featured as the ONLY “un-signed” Band / Song to be immortalized in the soundtrack of the hit PlayStation 2 video game ”GUITAR HERO”. They quickly rose to fame while gaining world-wide recognition and acclaim, along with a diehard cult following fan base, The BBQ NATION!, and it propelled them from being a Fun lil’ local yokel “side-project” to becoming a Legit Force to be reckoned with! They also have some songs featured on other popular video games, “ROCK BAND 2” and “ROCK BAND 3

gtr hero promo  johnson full body  obriens brown

(“Legends brought back to life born thru the flame we light, We answered to the call to revive RockN’Roll!”  -The Book of BBQ: Volume 2, Anthem 13, Verse 1)

By the Grace of the Grill…..

In 2007, they appropriately followed up their Debut release with the highly praised break-thru “Greatest Hits Volume 2” which displayed a far more evolved, Heavier n’ Grittier, EPIC “DIRTCORE” Sound. Highlights of the record include; “The Clothes That Makes The Man”, “Creamskull Boogie”, “By the Grace of the Grill”, “Meat yer Enemy” (featuring special guest cameos from Jet & Ben of the Legendary Boston Hardcore band, Sam Black Church), the fan-inspired SEX, BOOZE, & ROCKn’ROLL Anthem “BBQ NATION”, and an EPIC Cover of AC/DC‘s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” (which was licensed for use by Quentin Tarantino for his film, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, but was later denied by AC/DC’s Management! BOOOOO!)  The record also spotlighted a newer improved lineup consisting of Original Members; Brownbag Johnson, and Bud Black, and welcomed the addition of BBQ newcomers- Howlin’ Jack Boone (Vocals), along with Billy Z. Bubb, and Whitey Trasher sharing the Drum throne, and last but certainly not least… the band’s smokin’ hott female background singers / dancers, The BBQ GIRLZ !

bbq promo pic vol.IIbbq group photo


Also appearing at all shows during this time was Howlin’ Jack’s father, the “unofficial” band mascot, and “Godfather” of the BBQ NATION, “Big Bill” Campbell! who was the inspiration behind the fan favorite Ultimate Sleaze Anthem about 5 cent Mustache Rides,


*A Stache-tastic lil’ side note; Legendary Porn Star, Ron Jeremy rocks the “Ride the Stache” T-Shirt in some of his films 🙂

(“Ladies getcha CA$H, u wanna Ride the Stache” -The Book of BBQ: Volume 2, Anthem 9, V3)


Meat yer Enemy!

With Brownbag taking care of the band’s business n’ booking, they toured relentlessly in the U.S during this time… hitting the road independantly on their own dime while rapidly building their cult following fan base, The BBQ NATION from the ground up. Some of their most memorable LIVE performances took place at the annual “Boston Freedom Rally” a total of 4 times (from 2006–2009), headlining the event in 2008 & 2009 to crowds of 20,000+. The band absolutely CRUSHED Live with an over-the-top, super high energy, Electrifried Show full of outrageous shenanigans and good ole’ fashioned FUN that left the audiences with their jaws dropped, fists raised, faces melted, panties soaked, and wanting MORE!!! It was and still is an Experience to say the least. And as a result… a buzz grew quick and they began headlining clubs around the country, BBQ’n every dive from Portland,ME to Seattle,WA…. and Fargo,ND to El Paso,TX, and everywhere in between. But, most notably was their headlining shows at the World famous “Whiskey A-Go-Go” on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA (*photo seen below is the actual thumbnail pic that appears when you google search “Whiskey A-Go-Go“!) While touring the U.S in 2009, they won the High Times Magazine “BEST New Underground Artist” Doobie Award during the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin,TX. Ending the last leg of their U.S Tour in Support of “Greatest Hits Volume 2” on a “HIGH” note…..

graveyard bbq whiskey a go go1BBQ Whisky Marquee

hemp08troopers bust brown

me and black2100_0205 brown mid ieast

The Road That Lies Ahead….

Due to some member changes and differences of direction in 2010, it was announced that the band would be taking a temporary hiatus… during which time Guitarist/Vocalist, Brownbag Johnson relocated from his native Waltham, MA “a.k.a” Watch City (right outside of Boston, MA) to Los Angeles, CA. While moving cross-country with hellhounds on his trail….. he knew he had to settle up some “unfinished” business. So he decided to make a pit-stop down South to “re-visit” the place where it all started for him…. The Crossroads.


As legend has it….(somewhere around Austin,TX) Brownbag Johnson met again with the Devil to reclaim his Mojo and take his Soul back. Standing at the middle of The Crossroads with his steel Resonator and “Revolator” guitars in hand…. he began summonsing “The Man Downstairs” by playing the Intro to 1 of his trademark songs, “The Clothes That Makes The Man”. The clear blue skies quickly turned dark with fiery clouds of Lightning bolts. The Devil then appeared, and with him he brought his own hellbilly house band. Johnson said to the Devil, “I want my Mojo back!” Since the Devil never followed thru on his end of the Deal… Johnson argued that Graveyard BBQ had been cheated and never truly reached it’s full potential. The Devil laughed profusely claiming, “A Deal is a Deal Son!” blatantly refusing Johnson’s request. Left with no options and nuthin’ to lose… Johnson then challenged the Devil to a “SLING-OFF” in exchange for his Mojo and Soul back.  The Devil grinned while mocking him and his self-proclaimed “DIRTCORE” style, and then happily agreed to the challenge. Adding that “Since of course I already have yer soul…. if you lose,  I will kill ROCKn’ROLL Forever!, and you will be damned to listen ONLY to Nickelback and fake hipster Douche Music for the rest of Eternity!!” Johnson shook his head in absolute disgust and thought about it for a moment…. realizing that this was his opportunity to SAVE ROCKnROLL and all things Raw, Rippin’ & Righteous, he then muttered back, “FUCK IT. LET’S DO THIS” and they shook hands. The Legend goes on to say that The Devil and his band started the contest by kicking into a demonic version of Charlie Daniel’s “The Devil went down to Georgia” ending the song’s final note by splitting a giant hole in the ground leading straight down to Hell. It went grim and silent…. with all eyes now focused on Johnson. There was no turning back… it was now HIS time to shine. The torch carrier then reached into his Mojo-filled “Brown” Bag, mustering up all of the “Winning boy’s Magic” he had, and pulling out his own hand crafted homemade “Lightnin’ in a bottle-neck” Slide. And then proceeded by busting into an Electrifying, EPIC, NEW Graveyard BBQ Song called, “GOING FOR THE GUSTO!”, a trick up his sleeve which nobody including the Devil had ever saw coming or ever even heard before!! In absolute shock that he’d just been out-witted, out-slung, and had his Satanic face melted the fuck off  by this handsome, Badass, Slide-Slingin’ Dirtbag, Rustler…. The Devil yelled out… “Johhny Rustle!, where’d ya learn to play that Slide?!?!” In a final glance, he looked the Devil dead in the eye and said…. “BITCH! My name is “JOHNSON”, and I’m taking what’s mine!!!” And the rest as they say is, HISTORY!……….

11X17 road poster4

The BBQ “Prequels” E.P Series:

In 2012, Johnson (now settled in L.A) announced plans that he was beginning to record a Series of New Graveyard BBQ “concept” E.P’s which essentially would be the “prequels” to the “Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2” records. In April 2013, the 1st E.P, “The Raw, The Rippin’ & The Righteous” was released which featured 4 ruggedly refined, jaw droppin’ Songs including the Sleaze Stompin’ Anthem, “The Rustler”. The E.P marked the 1st BBQ release in almost 6 years, and also showcased Johnson’s growth as an Artist elevating his “Dirtcore” Sound & Style to a whole New Level of Raw, Rippin’, Righteousness.

pintriped RRR Cover

Around this time, he also broke out Solo developing his Heavy Metal “Bluesman” modeled “1-Man-Dirtcore-Band” side-act, setting up shop on the streets, and playing clubs around L.A

st johnson web2

(“When I was born I always knew I had the Winning boy’s Magic and the Mojo hand, I got them Lightnin’ veins with Electric Blood, BBQ D.N.A, BORN TO RAISE HELL!”   -The Book of BBQ: Volume 4, Anthem 1, Verse 1)

Going for the Gusto!

In October 2014, the 2nd in the Series of Graveyard BBQ E.P’s entitled, “The Road That Lies Ahead” was released, and is considered by fans to be the “BEST BBQ yet!” Conceptually…. It tells an EPIC story from Start to Finish… beginning with the skull crushin’ Album opener, “Going for the Gusto!”, steamrollin’ right on into “World Turning” (a Fleetwood Mac Cover), “Made My Bones”, and “Watch City Blues” It’s an Authentic, Mojo-filled, Badass collection of Songs that tie together so seamlessly while revealing the Tales of Johnson’s journey along his musical path of what he’s experienced and endured along the way, more or less “Payin’ his dues while Singin’ the Blues”. It ends with “The Road That Lies Ahead”, a Classic BBQ Song redone acoustically which Johnson says he nailed on the very 1st take. During the song’s finale… full of conviction, he soulfully belts out the closing lyric, “I’ve got to follow “The Road That Lies Ahead” of ME!”  (a testament to his un-wavering attitude)

Currently, (as of Oct.25th, 2014) The “King of Sling” claims to be gearing up to head back in the studio to record the next release rumored to be the “SEX” E.P out of the conceptual lot. He has stated in recent interviews that if the right opportunities were to present themselves, Graveyard BBQ certainly plans to embark on World-Wide Touring….. hopefully sooner than later……

til then he says, KEEEEEEEP ON BBQ’n!!!…….


                                           ALL HAIL THE BBQ NATION!

                              “IF YOU AIN’T WITH US, YER AGAINST US!”

BBQ NATION Banner Grunge

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