Graveyard BBQ



(Pronounced)  dirt – core ; ( der – t – cor )


1. the original, authentic sound n’ style created n’ crafted to perfection by The “King of Sling”, Brownbag Johnson


1. a Dirty recipe of potent musical ingredients consisting of; “Down-home” Delta Blues, “Spaghetti” Country-Western, 60’s/70’s/80’s Classic Rock, Surf, Thrash, and Monster METAL Riffage all marinaded with Swaggerous, Tasty chops n’ Electrifried SLIDE GUITAR.

2. the sonic equivalent/parallel of a GRINDHOUSE Film;  EPIC, Badass, Outrageous, Over the top, Action-packed, Sleazy, Cheezy (the good kind), Gritty, Grimey, Good ole’ fashioned Hellraisin’ FUN!

3. sounds like July 4th  -meats-  Halloween


1. the act of being Raw, Rippin, & Righteous.


amp grill


All GRAVEYARD BBQ Releases are AVAILABLE thru ITUNES + All other Major Digital Distro

And also thru CDBABY;

LINKS to Download GRAVEYARD BBQ Songs Available for yer ROCKBAND 2 & ROCKBAND 3 Videogames; XBOX & PS3


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GRAVEYARD BBQ Discography:

“GREATEST HITS Volume 1” (LP) (Released; June 2005)

Produced, Recorded, & Mixed by: Brownbag Johnson


1. Intro

2. BBQ Nation

3. Cheat on the Church  (as featured on the very 1st GUITAR HERO videogame)

4. HellBilly Shakez

5. BBQ Girl

6. Woman Done Wrong

7. Rebel Song

8. The Road that Lies Ahead

9. I’m on Fire

10. Daddy Like

11. That’s Alright

12. Graveyard BBQ


“GREATEST HITS Volume 2” (LP) (Released; July 2007)

Produced by: Brownbag Johnson. Recorded & Mixed by: Jim Foster. Mastered by: Shawn Briggs

vol.II cover

1. Introduction (How the Deal go down)

2. The Clothes that Makes The Man

3. Creamskull Boogie

4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC COVER)

5. BBQ Nation

6. Meat yer Enemy

7. BBQ Girl

8. Entremission

9. Ride the Stache

10. Teazer

11. The Road that Lies Ahead

12. Graveyard BBQ (Reprise)

13. By the Grace of the Grill

14. Encore


“The RAW, The RIPPIN, & The RIGHTEOUS” (EP) (Released; April 2013)

Produced by: Brownbag Johnson. Recorded by: Jim Foster. Mixed & Mastered by: Chris Collier


1. BBQ! BBQ! BBQ! Intro

2. The Man with No Name

3. The Rustler

4. The Clothes that Makes The Man (Unplugged)

5. Who Do You Love (COVER)


“The Road That Lies Ahead” (EP) (Released: October 15th, 2014)

Produced by: Brownbag Johnson. Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by: Chris Collier

The Road Final1 copy

1. Going for the Gusto!  (Official Music/Lyric Video)

2. World Turning (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

3. Made My Bones

4. Watch City Blues  (Official Music/Lyric Video)

5. The Road That Lies Ahead

*BONUS TRACK*  “Take it to the Limit”

(NOT included on the Album. ONLY MP3 upon Ltd.Edition Bundle-Pack purchase)


“Rx for Sx” E.P Album – Released: MAY 25th, 2016

All Songs Created, Crafted, Performed, & Produced by: Brownbag Johnson

Co-Produced, Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by: Chris Collier

Rx for Sx FRONT COVER cdbaby back cover



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